[d13] tanjung kapal beach resort-singapore

Leaving Tanjung Kapal in the cool, clear air of the early morning, I cycle slowly along the coast road towards Pengerang. Near the ferry terminal, I stop to while some time away until the bum boat leaves for Changi Point. Behind me are overgrown World War II pillboxes, part of the decaying Pengerang Battery that overlooks the entrance to the Singapore Straits; in front, over the South China Sea, a rapidly darkening sky heralds an approaching storm.

I sit watching the clouds roll in, then make my way to the terminal to shelter as the heavens open. When the storm has passed, the bum boat departs with its silent passengers.

At Changi Point, immigration officers pore over the contents of my bike pack and, satisfied there's no contraband, turn their attention to my GPS — apparently intrigued by how it works and how I use it — and warn me to be careful of Singaporean thieves. I acknowledge with gratitude their concern, and equally gratefully depart their company.

The Changi Coast Road and East Coast Park bike path take me back into Singapore. Navigating through the afternoon grid lock, I'm back in the Perak Hotel in Little India in time for dinner.

My shonky wheel went the distance!

July 27 | 73.05 kilometres | 4:25 | 16.5 km/h average

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