[d12] kota tinggi waterfalls-tanjung kapal beach resort

I have no particular destination in mind today, other than to head south-east towards Pengerang.

After breakfast and a short walk to the waterfalls (links to the waterfalls resort in this post), I meander back down the road through the rubber plantations to Kota Tinggi. From there, I find my way to Jalan Raya Pengerang (Federal Route 9) and settle into an undistinguished ride to Desaru — the highlight being a stop for teh tarik.

Desaru seems largely deserted, I suppose because it is a weekday in the off-season. The road so far has been in reasonable condition and the weather mild and dry, but from Desaru (on Jalan Desaru and Jalan Teluk Ramunia, or Federal Route 90) the road surface deteriorates, with many potholes and areas of broken seal, and the looming clouds bring intermittent showers. I'm concerned my wheel might collapse under the extra strain from the rough road, but it continues running reasonably true despite the pounding.

By mid-afternoon I'm in Kampung Sungai Rengit and stop for a drink and snack at a small roadside park by the sea. The showers haven't cleared and I'm now quite wet and looking forward to stopping for the night. On the way from Desaru, I've been passing occasional billboards advertising a resort at Tanjung Kapal — a few kilometres from Kampung Sungai Rengit — and decide to head there. Tanjung Kapal Beach Resort (1.342081N 104.164010E) has chalets fronting the South China Sea, one of which I rent. It also has a beach-side restaurant and my evening meal there of tom yum-based seafood soup is one of the most pleasurable I've had since coming to Malaysia. (Two other memorable meals are a pineapple prawn curry at a small restaurant in a Melaka side street, and rice, vegetables and fish at an open-air restaurant by the Malacca Straits in Pontian Kechil.)

July 26 | 106.79 kilometres | 6:02 | 17.7 km/h average

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