[d10] batu pahat-pontian kechil

Rising at dawn, I have every intention of departing early but I'm on holiday and the pleasures of dawdling overwhelm an innate urge to move on.

It has rained overnight, but when I finally leave Batu Pahat the last vestiges of showers have cleared. The stand of remnant natural vegetation covering the hill south of the town provide a welcome tropical backdrop for the ride to the coast.

Apart from stopping at a kampung for my standard-fare nasi lemak breakfast, I ride through to Pontian Kechil by early afternoon, reserve a Travel Hotel room — overlooking the Straits again — and while away the remaining daylight hours wandering the town, catching up with email at an internet cafe, and sitting quietly by the water.

July 24 | 73.7 kilometres | 3:42 | 19.9 km/h average

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